Shrapnel Cake

Team Shrapnel Cake is a small indie development group made up of four QUT students working together to create Get Jeff Home which is just a taste of what is to come. Shrapnel cake is represented by a cake filled with shrapnel and an evil monkey whose sole mission in life is to blow up the cake.

Our Team:


Nicholas Semple

Producer - Designer - Web Designer

When not being obliterated in FPS games Nic can be found researching the next gizmo or racing around on two wheels.

Master with Google Nic is often the go to guy when a technical problem arises.


Samuel Rose

Designer - Marketer

When not making virtual money in online games Sam can be found sleeping, eating or in the dreaded outside playing sport. *Shudder*

Part designer, part marketer, part motivator, Sam helps keep the team on track whilst going off track himself. The ultimate bit - part man, Sam fills the gaps that need filling and calmly handles the social marketing questions the team asks. Calmly.


Darcy Garrett

Manager - Programmer

Darcy is like any other guy. He enjoys movies, playing games and hanging out with friends. As long as the movies are Dota 2 replays, the game is Dota 2 and I'm at a LAN playing Dota 2 with mates. In between playing Dota 2 he enjoys plenty of rest and lots and lots of food.

Even though he is the programmer he also enjoys the design and development process. But the best bit is being a part of a great group and being able to tell them what to do.


Heato Koregai-Klink


When not busy drawing crazy illustrations, you will find Heato annoying customers to sign up for fly buys and everyday reward cards!

She enjoys having a good laugh with family and friends, she also manages to have two jobs and does full time uni at the same time! Crazy right?